The 3:33 Entertainment Agency LLC
This is The 3:33 Entertainment Agency LLC, an agency that works with any variety of artists including literary, performing, musical, collaborators of motion pictures, and any sort of position in the entertainment agency that feels it needs representation.  The company is just beginning, and looking for new clients available in the Ohio, Pennsylvania, and West Virginia regions looking for parts to play in the entertainment field.   For actors the company can set up and look for roles to appear in motion pictures and television, for music artists, the company can look for managers, set up appearances in recording studios, and even live performances, possibly even connect them with songwriters. For literary authors, the company can find publishers whom could accept the work given, or find further opportunities through motion pictures and television.  For collaborators of motion pictures such as producers. directors and other positions, the company will help find investors or producers by creating a portfolio and sending it to those looking, or even find a position fit to the expertise to play a part in.  Here at The 3:33 Entertainment Agency LLC, we don't ask for money to pay for representation ever, and the percentage from the client is always fair at 10% for the representation, and 90% for the client.   At first an engagement letter will be sent by letter or pdf file, from there an over the phone interview or in person interview will be made, and discussions of future goals, headshots, resumes, work, anything that shows a past will then be reviewed.  If there is no past history or experience, that is as well good.  Once reviewed, if all is accepted by the company, then a contractual agreement between client and representation will take place in person.   If you feel you want to apply through email, look at the contact section of this website and send information on whom you are and about the skills and positions you are looking for.  We do not accept written or video or audio work over emails.  If you want to call with information about yourself, feel free to do so.  If you want to fax information over about yourself and your talents, the office is will review it. 

ABOUT The 3:33 Entertainment Agency LLC